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High level cancer treatment. Hometown benefits.

At The Carpenter Cancer Center, we believe in treating our patients with the utmost care and respect, on a personal level and not as a number. With a high staff-to-patient ratio, our patients are afforded the proper attention they deserve, while the staff gets to know each one as an individual. We understand that battling cancer can have enough challenges, that is why we designed one-of-a-kind care plans that cater to your distinct needs, and developed a support program through our nurse navigators and patient care coordinators. Together they reassure and guide you and your family through all the uncertainties of cancer treatment


The Carpenter Cancer Center's specialists and staff are committed to treating you with compassion and your cancer with the most advanced diagnostics, techniques and cancer treatment available. Our exceptional team of compassionate and highly-skilled cancer treatment professionals include a board certified radiation oncologist, board certified medical oncologists/hematologists, surgeons, physicians, board certified medical physicist, board certified medical dosimetrist, board certified radiation therapist, nurses and support staff. Our nurse navigator works closely with patients, guiding them through their first visit and serving as a single point of contact throughout their treatment plan. This streamlined process makes it easier on our patients and more efficient for our staff.



At Carpenter Cancer Center, we recognize that your quality of life throughout the course of your cancer treatment requires a multitude of support and energy. As part of the personal care and consideration our patients deserve, we offer a broad range of resources, support mechanisms and ancillary services to help manage the many components of treatment, so patients can focus their attention on getting well. Having these services offered right here in Gallatin is an important factor to our patient care. It allows patients to stay close to home, near family and their support network. It saves commute time, lowers their stress and conserves a patient’s energy that is better spent resting and recovering.



We offer the latest Cancer treatments, care, compassion and knowledge with support groups and Patient Navigation Services.