Restorative Care Unit

Restorative Care Unit Overview | Admission and Services

Our Program

• The inpatient behavioral health program, The Restorative Care Unit, at Sumner Regional Medical Center is designed to treat acute mental health disorders, on an inpatient basis, in adults age 55 and over. 

• Treatment is available for severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, persistent suicidal thoughts or actions, and behaviors secondary to dementia. We also treat psychotic disorders that cause hallucinations, delusions, or inability to attend to normal daily activities. 

• Personalized treatment is provided utilizing a multidisciplinary approach. Treatment includes group and individual therapies by licensed social workers, nurses, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, activities therapists, and dietitians. Our specialized team is led by psychiatrists. 

• In additional to behavioral health services, our patients have access to the comprehensive medical services provided at Sumner Regional Medical Center, including laboratory and medical imaging.


• Psychological Examination by psychiatrist

• Psychological testing as needed for diagnosis and or treatment

• Medical examination by medical doctors

• Diagnostic laboratory and imaging (x-rays and scans)

• Individualized treatment planning, including patient and family participation

• Medication management

• Pastoral visits per patient wishes

• Discharge planning


Anyone can make and inquiry call to our inpatient program. We will gladly guide referrals through the admission process.

Criteria for Admission

• A behavioral health concern as the primary reason for admission

• Ability and willingness to engage in active treatment on a voluntary basis

• Non-voluntary admission arranged under court and legal processes

• Expectation that short term, inpatient intervention will improve or stabilize the behavioral health issue

• Absence of acute medical issues and communicable diseases that require isolation

For more information, please call the Restorative Care Unit at (615) 328-5412.