Laboratory Services

Sumner Regional Medical Center’s laboratory utilizes some of the most sophisticated testing methodologies available. Over a thousand lab procedures are processed daily for inpatients, outpatients, emergency room patients, and area physician offices. Our transfusion medicine department dispenses life-saving blood products.

Our laboratory is accredited by The Joint Commission Laboratory Accreditation Program and licensed by the State of Tennessee. Our laboratory staff is comprised of phlebotomists, clinical laboratory assistants, licensed Medical Laboratory Technicians, and licensed Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Some of our technology includes:

• Siemens Dimension Vista – High throughput chemistry analyzers capable delivering reliable testing capability for multiple analytes, including lipid panels, glucose, cardiac and liver enzymes, therapeutic drugs, and drugs of abuse.

• BeckmanCoulter MicroScan and Bruker MALDI-TOF – revolutionary Burker MALDI instrumentation can identify microorganisms as soon as growth occurs. The MicroScan system provides up-to-date susceptibility testing for traditional and newly available antimicrobial agents.

• Sysmex XN2000 – High throughput hematology analyzer to perform blood cell counts as well as white blood cell differentials.

• Cepheid and Biofire multiplex PCR analyzers – Molecular testing targeted at the DNA/RNA of potential infectious agents capable of causing respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and cerebrospinal infections.