Women's Imaging Services

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Imaging for Women at Sumner Station

At Sumner Station, we also provide the latest diagnostic technology services for women, including digital mammography with CAD (computer-aided detection), breast and obstetrical ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy as well as ultrasound guided breast biopsy and fine needle aspiration for early detection of breast cancer, and bone density exams for the detection of osteoporosis.

Patients visiting Imaging for Women will also benefit from Sumner Station’s new technology to perform breast MRI and MRI-guided breast biopsy. Sumner Station is the newest facility in the area offering this latest technology in women’s imaging. MRI of the breast offers valuable information about many breast conditions that cannot be obtained by other imaging modalities, such as mammography or ultrasound. For the comfort of our patients, Imaging for Women has a separate waiting room and an education and resource area for personal and specialized services. You’ll find that we’ve paid close attention to details so that you enjoy a relaxed visit for your imaging needs.

Benefits of Digital Mammography
Digital mammography will provide new benefits to both patients and radiologist.

  • Radiologist can manipulate the images to better focus on any area of concern
  • Lower doses of radiation
  • Improved image quality
  • Computer-aided detection (CAD)
  • Softcopy review and digital archiving
  • Reduction in breast compression pressure

Mammography services at Imaging for Women at Sumner Station possess a valid certificate of compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, and is accredited by the American College of Radiology.