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In addition to caring for our patients’ physical needs, the SRMC Cancer Center provides emotional, spiritual and educational support including:


Sumner County Relay for Life

The Sumner Cancer Center is a proud sponsor of this local event each year, raising thousands of dollars for cancer research. For more information on this event, contact Jodee Pinkston, Cancer Registry, at (615) 328-5192.



SRMC TEAM - ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 

Each year, SRMC sponsors a team for this worthy fundraiser. For more information, contact Jodee Pinkston, Cancer Registry, at (615) 328-5192.



Dietary Services

SRMC’s dietitians are available to consult with you if treatments require a special diet.



Spiritual Support 

Our chaplains are available for prayer and ministry. To contact a chaplain, call the hospital at (615) 328-8888 and the on-duty chaplain can be paged for you.



Lymphedema Therapy Program 

Lymphedema, a lifelong condition, is an accumulation of fluid that causes swelling in the arms or legs. Untreated, lymphedema may interfere with wound healing and provide a culture medium for bacteria and fungus that may lead to serious infection. SRMC offers complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP), which is the most effective treatment for Lymphedema management. Therapies include manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, remedial exercise and patient exercise. For more information, call (615) 328-5502.



Clinical Trials 

Numerous clinical trial opportunities are available to oncology patients that meet enrollment criteria. SRMC’s medical oncology service is offered through Tennessee Oncology Group. They have a full-time clinical trials nurse dedicated to Clinical Trials and work in conjunction with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. In 2006, The National Cancer Comprehensive Network stated, “The best care for any patient with cancer is in a clinical trial.” For more information, call the TN Oncology office at (615) 451-5481.


Surrounding Cancer Patients with Extra Care

Sponsored by Volunteer Friends of Sumner Regional Medical Center, Inc.

A Charitable, Non-Profit Volunteer Organization in support of all cancer patients

Patients are welcome to choose any or all sessions and bring a supportive friend.

All cancer patients are welcome, no matter the diagnosis, physician or medical facility.

Every Monday
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Sumner Station Conference Room

Light refreshments

First Mondays - Still a Family Member Professional counselor facilitates discussion of effects of cancer on the family unit/friends

Second Mondays - Still Fabulous! A special time for women patients to enjoy make-up, skin care instruction by an aesthetician

Third Mondays - Still Invested in My Health Dietitian and physical therapist discuss nutrition and proper exercising during treatment

Fourth Mondays - Still in Treatment SRMC Nurse Navigator and other Specialists discuss Lymphedema, medical questions of patients

Fifth Mondays - Still in the Spirit Discussion of the impact of Spirituality on Health and guidance for the Cancer Journey

For further information, please call 615-328-5517.

Cancer Center
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Sumner Station
225 Big Station Camp Boulevard
Gallatin, TN 37066
(615) 451-5481